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Cobblestone has been providing low cost packaging solutions to customers since 1986. We deal with 20 major industry groups, helping them control their costs by utilizing recycled corrugated boxes.

We specialize in this unique offering. We stock a wide range of sizes and strengths available for immediate delivery. Cobblestone also pays top dollar for used boxes, obsolete stock, culls, etc.

If your product speaks for itself, why pay for expensive custom printed cartons when there is a more affordable and environmentally friendly alternative?

Here are some examples to illustrate the dramatic savings involved.
And here’s what some of our long time customers say about our products and service.

A Fortune 500 company in the automotive aftermarket says … “At first we used recycled boxes to fill small orders, but in the current economy it only makes sense to get the 50-75% cost savings on all our corrugated box needs. We haven’t looked back since.”

From a national distributor of valuable giftwares and promotional items … “Seeing as most of our product line is quite expensive, we have had problems with security surrounding transportation of our goods. After being introduced to the benefits of used, recycled boxes, we have noticed a cost savings of 45% and a dramatic decrease in missing product security issues, because the boxes we now use do not say what is really in them.”

And a distributor in the Canadian clothing industry tell us … “Since most of out products are imported from outside Canada, in today’s business climate we needed to reduce expenses throughout our company. By making the switch to recycled used boxes we have not only saved $65,000 a year on corrugated, but we’ve also saved the trees and the environment.”
16 x 11 x  5  used box 2,000 pcs -  25˘
new box -       .56˘
17 x 11 x  16  used box 1,000 pcs - 55˘
new box -     $1.25
26 x 16 x  18  used box 1,000 pcs - 69˘
new box -     $1.64
24 x 15 x  25  used box 1,000 pcs - 75˘
new box -     $1.88
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